Belgian violin teacher and performer, Cécile Broché has studied classical and contemporary music, improvisation and jazz. She graduated from the Conservatories of Liège and Brussels, where she obtained a First Prize in violin and chamber music. She studied with Philip Hirshorn, Izumi Okubo, Didier Lockwood, Garrett List, among others. She then attended the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel to study composition with Peter Swinnen.

Alongside her musical training, she works on movement and body awareness techniques such as yoga and feldenkrais with various specialists.

As a violinist, Cécile Broché has participated in various projects, including contemporary music ensembles, free improvisation, collaborations with dancers and actors, with visual artists, jazz musicians and solo performances.

As a composer, Cécile Broché proposes a completely original and personal approach to the violin. Drawing her inspiration from her encounters and a varied career, she explores the potential and the possibilities so particular to the electric violin; rhythms, melodies, sound images, unsuspected palette… It is also a meeting of music and sounds of everyday life. On stage, the violin underlines them, opposes them, pulses. It is simply a story, the story of life, told with sounds.