Cécile Broché


Cécile Broché was born with a violin in her hands, and she has never let it go…

In recent years, dividing her time between Europe and NewYork, she has collaborated with Barre Philips, Garrett List, Diederick Wissels, Frederic Rzewski, Borah Berckman, Chris Joris…in short, a whole bunch of joyful jazzmen and improvisers of all stripes.

As a composer, she writes for theater, dance and tours with her own musical productions. Her creative work combines collected everyday sounds with live music. For her work as a composer and improviser, she has been selected for OMI residencies in New York, Australia, Paris, etc.

She is particularly interested in developing the language of the electric violin, so rich in new sound possibilities.


Main picture of Cécile Broché